Yuefeng Li is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in Tkaronto/Toronto with an Asian heritage. She was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, and has been in Toronto since 2018. She graduated from the OCADU Drawing & Painting program. She works across drawing, painting, mixed media, installation, and performance. She is fuelled by indexical imprints in a perceptual way. Her works are informed by the surroundings and happenings that stimulate her physical translation through the potential of materiality. Her responses excavate the criticality of coexistent assemblages: displayed between order and disorder in the environment; remembering and forgetting in the memory; actualization and index of bodies. Although individualism and naturalism form the genesis of her research, her multidisciplinary practice aims to metaphorize critical introspection and evolutions within ecological anthropology.


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